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Marble Surface

Red String of Fate

Size:  3" x 3"


This sticker represents the artist's interests in Japanese culture and myths. The two hands tied together represent the Japanese myth of "The Red String of Fate". The artist has an overall interest in myths and cultures outside of her own and this was just one of her favorite myths.


Winning design from the 2021 IYC Sticker Art Competition

Red String of Fate Sticker

  • These stickers are made of thick, durable vinyl that protects them from scratching, rain & sunlight. They're waterproof and fade resistant for 3-5 years.

  • Firstly, if you have a need to consider a refund or a return you have likely recently purchased from us. IYC would like to thank you, for being part of our mission to share our love and care to the community!


    We do not offer exchanges, returns, or refunds for sale in our online store. Our store values quality, and always checks products before shipping. However, if there is proof that a product has been damaged, we will do exchange. Let us know!

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