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What We Do

IMPACT YOUTH CLUB has hosted many events since its formation. Events vary from charity concert, book drive, bakery sale, free tutoring to trail clean-up and fundraising. Youth volunteers in IYC are strive to share their talent in music, their love and care to the community. Five committees organize events in specific areas.

Music Events

Neighborhood Care

Youth Service


Environmental Protection

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Care Our Community

Our goal is to send music, joy and our love to our community through charity Music Program and Neighborhood Care Program.


Past events includes:

  • Weekend concerts in senior living centers and nursing homes

  • Virtual concerts to seniors during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Donations of 5000 facial masks and 7000 isolation gowns to 7 hospitals and 4 police stations 

  • Outdoor artwork ( rocks, paintings, origami) displays in public areas to help motivate and inspire individuals within our neighborhoods to continue push forward and find joy in the difficult times during COVID-19 pandemics.

  • Delivery of meals to seniors and providing companionship with seniors who live alone or homebound due to illness



Protect Our Environment

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find ways to protect our environment. Young volunteers are working each and every day to make a positive impact on our environment.


Past events include:

  • Sticker project to raise environmental awareness 

  • A trail clean-up for national reserve park

  • A water bottle/plastic bag pledge to reduce plastic usage


Youth Service

At IMPACT YOUTH CLUB, we are dedicated to stepping up in our efforts to help other children in the community

Past events include:

  • In the Piano Mentoring Program,  our volunteers go out to provide companionship with younger players and to help them practice.

  • In Music Book and Instrument Drive, our club members donated original music books to Magic Music Foundation and coordinated piano donations to Chelsea Assisted Living Center.

  • EZ GYM offers exercise sessions via zoom to keep kids active and stay physically fit. Chitchat offers platform for introverted and ESL students to talk and express their thoughts through interesting topics under a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.



With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for a cause or for those in need. 


Past Events:

  • 2014 – Benefit concert for the American Cancer Society

  • 2017 – Walk-A-Thon for Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims 

  • 2018 – Raised money to provide 114 Thanksgiving meals to the hungry through the Market Street Mission event

  • 2019 - Supermarket Bagging Events to raise fund for students on the autism spectrum under Rutgers University College Support Program (CSP) 

  • 2019 - Alzheimer's Fundraising Concert to raise over $1100 to benefit Alzheimer's New Jersey

  • 2020 - PPE Fundraising and Coffee Sale for New Jersey healthcare workers to fight against Covid-19


Current Projects

Piano Keys

Virtual Concert

virtual concerts for Seniors 

Every month, IYC will organize virtual concert for our community and seniors. If you are interested in contributing, please complete the application form and submit your video 

Tips for your video:

  • Find a good angle to record and record in landscape mode

  • State your name and the piece that you will be playing before you begin playing

Any questions, please contact Edison Tong

View Past Concerts


hood Care

Neighborhood Care For Seniors

Senior Care          

  • Create personalized birthday cards and holiday greeting cards for senior residents in the community.  Provide art package to seniors to help them stay connected and avoid isolation

Meal Delivery

  • Delivering pre-prepared meals to seniors who are homebound and can not prepare meals for themselves due to acute or chronic diseases

Food Donation

  • Collect non-perishable food and donate to people who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandamic


For questions, please contact Jack Wang or Hannah Zhang   



chat with other Students

Chitchat is a great opportunity for introverted and ESL students. It will be zoom meetings where we can talk about a topic that interests everyone. Chitchat encourages them to talk and express their thoughts through interesting topics under a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in order to help them build oral skills, social skills and self-confidence.  


We recently launched ChitChat program with Murray Hill Chinese School. If you are interested, please see the Flyer and complete the interest form. For any questions, please contact Edison Tong

Fitness Equipments


EZ gym

Exercise with trainers 

Welcome to EZ Gym,  IYC newest program to help everyone staying  fit and healthy! It’s a fun, interactive virtual training classes via zoom for all beginner and intermediate athletes from age 10 and up. Non IYC members are also welcome to join us! Invite your friends and let’s get fit together!

Instructor Interest Form (Age requirement of 15 years old)

Student Athlete Interest Form

For questions, please contact Brian Ma

Environmental Protection

Learn More

Challenge Yourself 

Autumn 2020 environmental pledge challenges include the following: 

  • Vegetarian for two weeks

  • 10,000 steps a day for two weeks

  • Reusable bottles and bags for two weeks

  • Less than 6 hours of phone screen time a day for two weeks

  • Weekly challenges!

For questions, please contact Kathie Liang or Jordan Guzzi

Past Programs

Since 2015 Concerts for Seniors

Organized monthly and holidays music concert at various senior living centers in \New Jersey. During pandemic, IYC continues to spread our loves to communities through music by offering monthly virtual concerts to seniors.

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2020 Love in the Chaos

Handmade art work displayed in public area to help motivate and inspire our neighbors to continue push forward and find joy in the difficult of pandemics

2020 EduCare

Offered free academic and music online tutoring service to over 20 students during summer. Overall students satisfaction rate for the tutoring is 4.7/5

2020 Pandemic Relief Events

Donated 5000+ face masks and 7000+ medical isolation gowns to healthcare workers and polices during pandemics.  Created gratitude cards to healthcare workers and first respondents.

2019  Alzheimer's  Fundraising

Hosted a charity event, Alzheimer’s Fundraising concert with a talented young artist, William Chen and successfully raised $1,100 to Alzheimer’s New Jersey.

2019  Bagging for Tips 

Completed three "Bagging for Tips" events at Kings and ShopRite supermarket and raised $1,300 for Rutgers University Autism Program. 

2018  Trail Cleaning

Cleaned trials for national reserve park in Central Jersey.

International Concert Tours 

Since 2013, IYC organized culture exchange opportunities to members through  5 international concert tours in Europe and Asia which helped our members grow, develop music skills and  learn through new and positive experiences.