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The President's Volunteer Service Award


IYC members can report volunteer hours so that all the significant contributions are recorded and rewarded. Volunteers will receive recognition according to the hours they contributed to conducting educational activities, organizing good-will events, carrying out community service projects, etc. At the end of each reporting period, volunteers who have accumulated sufficient service hours with IYC are eligible to apply for a certificate for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).

  • IYC volunteer hours reporting period is from each year’s July 1st to next year’s June 30th. 

  • By PVSA guidelines, IYC will award volunteer members who are United States citizen or lawful permanent residents of the United States (i.e., green card holder).

  • A volunteer’s age on January 1st is his/her age for PVSA.

  • IYC volunteer hours will be logged and tracked in the IYC Members Portal by the IYC leadership team.  Members can view their hours and send questions to

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IYC Honors

Each volunteer reporting period, IYC will honor active and dedicated volunteer members for their contributions to the community in June. 

IYC Officer Certificate

Any IYC officers who actively participate in volunteer activities and meetings will be recognized for their strong engagement and dedication by receiving IYC Officer Certificate.

IYC Outstanding Leadership Award

IYC Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes young leaders who demonstrated outstanding charity activities, excellent character, and strong leadership potential.

Special Achievement Award

This award recognizes individual volunteer who made significant contributions to IYC charity events and activities with tremendous efforts above and beyond.

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