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My First Experience 

- by Edison Tong

We recently had a senior center concert in Fellowship Village, Basking Ridge NJ. We were initially greeted by an eager audience of seniors that was excited to see us play. I thought that this was a great experience to have and I would recommend it to anyone. By hosting a concert, you are able to learn many life skills that you may not learn anywhere else. When I was organizing this event, it was imperative that I worked with adults to organize this. I worked with the adults in Fellowship Village to set this entire concert up to make it successful. Hosting a concert can also boost your self-confidence because you are speaking in front of a big audience. In addition to that, if you are a performer, you will also be playing an instrument in front of a bunch of people to boost your self-confidence. Playing in front of a big crowd also boosts your musical skills. I find myself practicing more before a concert to be sure that I put out the best performance plausible. I’m excited to host another concert in the near future, and I hope that we can put in an even better one next time!

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