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IMPACT Young Artist Competition Backstage

- By Renee Cai

Many pianists may audition and win piano competitions, but not many have the opportunity to help the process go along, much less do so at Carnegie Hall. With IYC, I have been able to go and help out with both the audition process and performance day at Carnegie Hall. Performance day can become very stressful when you need to both take care of the performers and prepare to perform yourself, but the teachers helping make it very easy. While both ensuring that the performers are ready and trying to help ease their nerves, it is a very rewarding process to see their joy and their parents' pride when the trophies are given out. Though I spend an entire day helping out, it does not feel like boring, meaningless work. Instead I have fun running around gathering the next performers, talking to them, and seeing the end product of pride and happiness by the end of each concert.

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