About the Founder

Advisory Committee


Helen Luo

Community Event Director

Kelly Law

Marketing Director

Fundraising Director

Membership Director

Wendy Wu

Founder and Mentor

Wendy Wu is a piano teacher that has been teaching for thirty years. In her piano studio in New Jersey, Wendy has fostered many talented pianists. She has been a chair of the New Jersey Music Teachers Association’s Young Musician piano competitions for three years and is currently the chairperson of the Young Artists Competition of the Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra. Ms, Wu founded IMPACT and IMPACT Youth Club in 2012.  Under Ms Wu's leadership and guidance, many young volunteers had grown into a loving hearted adult and developed life long skills through volunteering.


IMPACT YOUTH CLUB student leaders organize and execute projects and activities with the goal to bring our passion, talent, love, and care to our community. Learn more about them below.  Our presidents oversea entire IYC work, help organize events and support officers' activities.

Vice Presidents

Our vice presidents assist IYC presidents to organize events and help officers  manage activities

Vice President


Renee is a junior at Watchung Hills Regional High School. She has helped coordinate a trip to Vienna where IYC performed at the Mozarthaus, create the Piano Companionship Program to help younger students become more interested in the instrument they play, and help lead IYC monthly meetings. "Seeing the joy IYC brings to others through senior center concerts, fundraising events, among others, makes all the work we do worth it."


Alan is a junior at Watchung Hills Regional High School. He joined IMPACT in September of 2017 because he wanted to be a part of an organization that highlights music and to be able to benefit the community in some way.


Our wonderful officers are volunteers from high schools and middles schools. They are the leaders responsible for running different projects and events within IMPACT Youth Club.

Andrew Chan

Alex Li

Jeffrey Wang

Timothy Wei

Elizabeth Huang

Daniel Li

Hadrian Lin

Anya Pei

Ryan Zhao

George Sun 

Projects and their Leaders

Chelsea Bridgewater Senior Center: Andrew Chan

Fellowship Senior Center: Jordan Guzzi

South Senior Center: Ethan Mao, Boyu Jin, Hadrian Lin

Piano Mentorship: Kathie Liang

Membership: Alex Li, Timothy Wei

Certificate & Inventory: Jeffrey Wang, Danial Li

Autism Fundraising Concert: Kathy Wei

Bagging: Evan Kreger, Edison TongKelvin Cheng

Website: Jack Wang

PVSA: Andy Pei, Evan Kreger, Anya Pei, Ryan Zhao

Communication: Lizzy Huang

Connecticut Team: George Sun

Taiwan Festival (July 2020): Renee Cai, Alan Wang, Edison Tong, Kelvin Cheng, Andy Pei, Evan Kreger

Past Presidents

At the end of their senior year, IYC presidents leave to college. Although we miss all of our past presidents, we believe they will continue to bring their love and care to the place where they start the new chapter of their lives. Below are the list of past presidents, the year they served as IYC president, and the universities that they have gone to.

Elina Cheng

2014-15 President
Univ. of Pennsylvania Class of 2019

Ruiyan Wang

2015-16 President
Yale University
Class of 2021

Alan Du

2016-17 President
Columbia University
Class of 2022

Sophia Su

2017-18 President
Cornell University
Class of 2022

Elsie Wang

2018-19 President
Stanford University
Class of 2023