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About the Founder

Wendy Wu

Ms Wendy Wu - Founder

Founder and Chief Executive Director

Wendy Wu is a piano teacher that has been teaching for thirty years. In her piano studio in New Jersey, Wendy has fostered many talented pianists. She has been a chair of the New Jersey Music Teachers Association’s Young Musician piano competitions for three years and is currently the chairperson of the Young Artists Competition of the Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra. Ms, Wu founded IMPACT in 2012 and IMPACT Youth Club in 2013.  Under Ms Wu's leadership and guidance, many young volunteers had grown into a loving hearted adult and developed life long skills through volunteering.

Board of Directors 


Eugenia  Chiang   

Irene Lin   

Lishan Wu

Yun Xia

Vanessa Yanhua Zhang

Xiaoye Zhou

Meimei Zou

Kelly Law

Joanne Liu

Helen Luo (Chair)

Elizabeth Lynn

Shirley Ma


IMPACT YOUTH CLUB student leaders organize and execute projects and activities with the goal to bring our passion, talent, love, and care to the community. Our presidents oversee the entire IYC work, manage projects initiation, approval and execution.  IYC president also help organize events and support officers' activities.  


Edison Tong


Edison is a senior at Ridge High School in New Jersey. He has been with Impact Youth Club since the summer of his 7th-grade year.  Edison loves performing at senior center concerts.  He has created and hosted many activities such as bagging for tips, virtual concerts, love in the chaos, ChitChat, and has participated in many other programs. He hopes to work with all volunteers, not just project leaders, but everybody, to exert their own talent in IYC and benefit our communities. Edison just wants to bring smiles to people's faces and impact communities.

Leadership Team

IYC leadership team consists of current president, immediate past presidents and vice presidents. 

 Immediate past presidents provide guidance and mentorship to president. Vice presidents provide immediate support to president and help organize committees, activities and oversee all IYC projects, events and concerns.

Immediate Past President

Renee Cai

Alan Wang

Senior Vice President

Kelvin Cheng

Lizzy Huang

Vice President

Kathie Liang

Andy Pei

Jack Wang

 Student Council 

IYC student council is conducted by students and supervised by the board of director. The purpose of the student council is to give youth volunteers an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out IYC activities and service projects.

Edison Tong

Alan Wang

Jack Wang

Hannah Zhang

Daniel Li

Renee Cai

Kelvin Cheng

Lizzy Huang

Kevin Li

Kathie Liang


IYC officers are active members who plan and participate in various volunteer activities throughout the year.  They also initiate new projects, lead local events, inspire their friends and schoolmates through their enthusiasm and love for helping the community.

List of IYC Officers

Past Presidents

At the end of their senior year, IYC presidents leave to college. Although we miss all of our past presidents, we believe they will continue to bring their love and care to the place where they start the new chapter of their lives. Below are the list of past presidents, the year they served as IYC president, and the universities that they have gone to.

Elsie Wang

2018-19 President

Stanford University

Class of 2023

Renee Cai

2019-20 President

Watchung Hills Regional High School, Class of 2021

Alan Wang

2019-20 President

Watchung Hills Regional High School, Class of 2021

Elina Cheng

2014-15 President
Univ. of Pennsylvania

Class of 2019

Ruiyan Wang

2015-16 President
Yale University
Class of 2021

Alan Du

2016-17 President
Columbia University
Class of 2022

Sophia Su

2017-18 President
Cornell University
Class of 2022