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Windows Style Magic is a style editor for Windows operating systems,. Multiple languages are supported, although not all strings are translated. General The difference in nomenclature between Style Magic YA and Yamahamagic is that YA is the Yamaha-developed program, whereas Yamahamagic is the Yamaha program that now exists. Style Magic YA does not support "albums" (songs within an album), although "album" can be used to select between various "songs." Audio Video mode for the display of the musical score in real time with translation into the selected language Super-Resolution mode for producing high-quality, clear and accurate visualization of the chords and notes even on low-resolution video or audio playback devices Search A search engine for finding music files Play mode for easy playback of music, and for previewing files Download mode for batch processing and downloading from various sites Transposer Piano Polyphonic automatic transposition via transpose function Automatic chord detection Pianissimo Mode for silent playing (or Recording) Scale mode for transposing music to various scales Others Electronic tuner Song list Style Magic YA 4 The goal of the Style Magic YA 4 program is to provide functionality similar to the modern "professional" software products, such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Reason. Some functionalities (such as preview of the musical score) are better than some third-party programs, but the user interface and functionality of Style Magic YA 4 are not as polished as the full-featured programs listed above. Shortcuts Opens a blank project Use the "Project" button on the top right to open a project Save a project Quit Pull-down menu Actions – Audio clips, instruments, and effects Effects – Effects section Audio clips – Open and save audio clips Instruments – Load or create an instrument Song list – Open a new song Save Backup – Restores a backup file created in the Preferences dialog Style – To change the style Project – To open a project Preview – To preview a musical score in real time with translation into the selected language Remap – To remap a control or to set up MIDI controllers To the next tab on the right To the next window on the right To the left To the left To the previous tab on



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