Marble Surface

This colorful double-sided lawn sign will definitely brighten up your front lawn and create some positive energy! One side is our signature “Happy Sunny Day” theme, with the message "Proud family of a member of Impact Youth Club" which gives recognition to our dedicated IYC members. Let your neighbor know you're a committed IYC member and all the meaningful charity works you’ve done with IYC. Moreover, “The 6 biggest reasons to join IYC” can be also served as a member recruitment media. On the other side is a holiday theme design: "Hope, Joy, Love”. It warms up your snowy bare lawn during winter, adds joy and love in your neighborhood and most importantly, promotes IYC mission during holiday season. Let’s all put the lawn sign up in our front yards, spread the words and help build a bigger, stronger IYC community!

IYC Lawn Sign

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