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Piano Donation

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

On October 13, 2018, IMPACT YOUTH CLUB hosted a recital at the Chelsea Assisted Living in Bridgewater in celebration of the generous donation of a grand piano by the Mele family. It was a performance loved by all who attended, despite logistical complications with the piano moving company on that day.

The piano was moved to the senior center on October 26th and the new addition was a thrill for all. In interviews conducted by IYC members, several senior residents enthusiastically expressed their sincere appreciation for the new piano and voiced their anticipation for more musical events in the future.

Many thanks to Ms. Helen Pei for organizing this donation event and to all the members who’ve volunteered and performed. This event was one huge step for IYC towards our goal of spreading love and connecting the community through music!

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